M&S Foundation

We are pleased to announce the launch of M&S Foundation’s website as of the 12th of March 2023. The Credentia Group is setting the path to assist the next generation fly with a better and healthier life.


Our Vision

The vision of M&S Foundation is to assist a child with a physical congenital disability to obtain the necessary medical accessibilities and assistance to correct this infirmity in order to have a healthier life.


The Foundation concentrates on children born with a physical deficiency and disabilities preventing them from having a normal upbringing; an insufficiency that may affect their mobility, their respiratory system and/or internal organs to digest and extract fluids fluently and naturally. It can be that a child with an irregular heartbeat or a cleft lip need assistance to finance the restructuring of the child’s palette and lip or that a baby is born with clubfoot and requires reconstructive surgery and re-education.


The Foundation’s Council has the core responsibility to raise capital or seek sponsorships whereby they can then provide a second chance to a family or support in a physical and tangible way for the family to better cater for the child’s medical needs.

For further information, please feel free to visit our website https://www.msfoundation.life and contact us on: telephone number (+230) 468-7001 and/or email: info@msfoundation.life where one of our representatives will make contact with you.