From left to right: Deepti Yadav | Vinay Tatarah | Sanjeev Gopaul | Thomas John | Mahendra Patpur | Neeteen Basantlala | Sheik Dolip

Cyberati Digital Ltd announces Partnership with Five9 to Empower Businesses to Deliver More Seamless Customer Experiences in Mauritius, Africa and the Indian Ocean Territory.

Ebene, Mauritius, Africa | 21 June 2024

Cyberati Digital Ltd (by Cyberati Group), a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, has announced its partnership with Five9, the provider of the intelligent CX platform provider, to expand its portfolio of services and further enhance customer services operations in the Indian Ocean region. This collaboration is a testament to Cyberati Digital ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value.


By leveraging the scalability and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform, Cyberati Digital clients will now benefit from the scalability of the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center and together, we can help organizations drive meaningful business outcomes and reimagine the way they engage with their customers.


The alliance helps accelerate Cyberati Digital’s resources and services, which they offer local businesses in Mauritius and the surrounding region with advanced features such as intelligent call routing, real-time analytics and omnichannel support. Customers will enjoy reduced wait times, quicker issue resolution and consistent service across various communication channels. Additionally, this scalable platform ensures that businesses can quickly adapt to changing customer demands, whether scaling up during peak periods or expanding operations.


Mahendra Patpur, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Cyberati Digital amplified the advantages of this partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Five9 empowers us to take a significant leap forward in empowering businesses in this region to deliver unparalleled connect customer experiences. We are excited to partner with Five9, the industry leaders recognized for its innovative solutions its success as a cloud contact center technology solution provider.


The Five9 Intelligent CX Platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to engage with customers across their channel of choice, empower managers with insights and intelligence into contact center performance and elevate your business to deliver better business outcomes and Bring Joy to CX™. Our cloud-native, scalable and secure platform includes contact center; omnichannel engagement; Workforce Engagement Management; extensibility through more than 1,400 partners; and innovative, practical AI, automation and journey analytics that are embedded as part of the platform. Five9 brings the power of people, technology and partners to more than 2,500 organizations worldwide.


Thomas John, Vice President, Partners – International at Five9, expressed his confidence in the partnership announcement, highlighting Cyberati Digital’s focus on providing professional-grade IT products and services to empower businesses to achieve positive business outcomes. “Cyberati Digital’s market expertise and proven track record of success make for an exceptional partner for Five9, ensuring our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of businesses in Mauritius, Africa and the Indian Ocean.”

At Cyberati Digital, we are excited to introduce a new experience of Contact Center solutions to our regional customers and businesses. By leveraging the power of Cloud and AI, we look forward to empowering organizations to deliver exceptional customer service, drive loyalty and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.


Cyberati Digital Ltd is a member of the Cyberati Group. Founded given our passion for innovation and commitment to excel in the services that we provide, Cyberati Digital focuses on providing professional-grade IT solutions to empower businesses in the way they operate. We are geared to build our reputation on our quality of service through strategic partnerships we have put in place. With the launch of Cyberati Group’s new brand, Unikclik (, our collaboration with Five9 takes our portfolio of services to new heights. With the power of Cloud and AI, investors looking to do business in sectors such as BPO, healthcare, financial services and retail, amongst many others, can now rest assured of having the right technology to support the backbone of their organizations in Mauritius, Africa and the Indian Ocean region.


Cyberati Digital will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology. We aim to enhance our digital platforms, improve efficiency and provide seamless experiences for our clients. Cloud, AI and cybersecurity will be at the forefront of our innovations. Our vision revolves around putting clients first. We’ll tailor solutions, provide personalised advice and build long-lasting relationships. Client satisfaction drives our success. We’re dedicated to being your trusted partner in the digital journey, adapting as your business evolves, and fostering a lasting relationship.